Nothing Else Matter
Lost and delirious
Nothing Else Matter
"I think the most valuable thing a person can learn in life is to be alone. People spend years living with their own loneliness believing that the only way to escape the suffering is to find someone who will love them. What about the value of loving yourself? People have forgotten that there is no better way to conquer loneliness than to find a way to get over your need to be loved by someone other than yourself. We are living in a world of weakness and distress; and I am a living product of what loneliness can produce. A society filled with teenagers jacked up on cheap alcohol and Prozac. The most valuable thing that society can teach me is figuring out how to live calmly in my own skin. It is a task that everyone is struggling with – and I believe that it will be the death of our society. We must learn that other people, although influential, do not control us at all. We are all individuals, and we should not have to rely on other people to fill our bodies with love and satisfaction. We should be able to do that on our own. Our world is so reliant on other people; yet we are all too selfish to give ourselves to other people. It is a design flaw that is living in all of us."

Oliver Sykes / BRING ME THE…

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